Change Folder Dialog Sort Order For Better Working

Sometimes, making a simple change to your work environment can deliver big benefits. If you regularly upload or access new files, consider changing the sort order for more efficient working.

One of my most common tasks for Lifehacker is uploading picture files into posts. These live in a dedicated directory, but for (what I now realise was) far too long I stuck with the Windows default of displaying files sorted by name. I switched the view just to show filenames, but still had to navigate through a long list of files.

Earlier this year, I belatedly realised that changing the sort order in a given folder to show files in reverse order of creation would be much more effective. Since I generally upload files soon after creating them, that means the file I want will always be at the top of the list. To change that option in a dialog box, right click, select Sort By, and then choose Date. I've actually found that Date Modified works more reliably — to add that, select the More option, and scroll through a long list of options until you find it. Tick it, click OK, then access the Sort By option again. If you do this within an Explorer window, the setting should stick when you access the directory in other locations.

Windows doesn't do a perfect job of remembering those settings — after patching or updating, it's all too common to have to change the displayed sort order again, and you may have to set them in individual applications as well as within Explorer. But it's a big enough time saver that it's worth the effort.


    I have been looking how to do this since I moved to W7 a few months ago. Easy when you know how. Thanks

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