Build A PVC Instrument For Thumpy And Fun Tunes On The Cheap

It turns out PVC pipes are good for more than just making cannons. You can also turn them into a surprisingly pleasant-to-the-ear musical instrument.

In the video above, YouTube user Snubbyj—who has built himself quite a following with his crazy PVC instrument medleys—demonstrates just how cool a PVC instrument can sound. While his setup is quite advanced for a PVC instrument, the basic design is simple. Pipes of varying length produce notes of varying pitch when stuck, across the opening, with a foam paddle.

Snubbyj's setup is customised to fit into a rolling cart and direct all the pipe ends forward, but for a simple at-home setup you don't need to go to such lengths. Instructables user Obediah shows us how to make a simple and portable pentatonic-scale PVC instrument:

Check out the full build guide at the link below to build your own paddle and PVC instrument.

PVC Instrument, Portable Pentatonic


    "but for a simple at-home setup you don’t need to go to such lengths."

    You're luck it's Punday today....

    Cool vid - thanks for posting :-)

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