Build A Custom Espresso Cart From IKEA Parts

If you're looking for a way to control the gadget clutter sprawling around your espresso machine this simple DIY station made from IKEA parts — completely with built-in knock-box and under-machine storage — should do the trick.

Jonathan Simon was tired of coffee-brewing clutter cramping his espresso slinging style. He took a $US50 IKEA kitchen cart, arranged his gear on it to test the fit, and then cut out a drop-in slot for his espresso knock-box. He positioned the knock-box so that not only was it easy to knock in used grounds but the spilled coffee grounds from the grinder fell into it too. Check out the video above to see the build process and the finished result.

IKEA Espresso Cart [Vimeo]


    Some assembly of IKEA parts. Seriously.

    When's the big Lifehacker exposé on the wheel?

    My favourite part of this video is the Giotto Rocket espresso machine, its only worth $3000...

      I know it is funny stuff. Like buyning a Bugatti Veyron and only putting regular fuel in it because premium costs to much.

      Its a quickmill andreja least watch the vid before attempting to call someone out for buying a $1695 machine. BTW, the rocket giotto prem plus is $1799.

    Good idea. espresso carts better suit for small kitchens. but i think getting the right cart to fit the specific machines is very difficult.

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