Offers Online Restaurant Bookings

Booking a restaurant by phone can be a risky undertaking when you get an answering machine. lets you search an area by available tables and make a booking directly.

The site claims to cover more than 2,500 restaurants, and lets you filter your search by area and cuisine. Some of the restaurants we searched still told us to ring to check availability, but it's a handy idea when it works.

For a similar service focused on takeaway food, check out Menulog.


    Seriously? Have you guys not caught onto the whole Dimmi thing? They're all over Good Food Guide, Eatability, TrueLocal and more. They've been around for ages.

    Dimmi is obviously a tool that works well in it's space, and would satisfy the simplest of needs. however, seems to be more than just a booking widget. Powered by its own search engine, users can search by table availability, time, location, and even cuisine.

    It seems that restaurants that have taken the leap of faith on this innovative site, are reaping the benefits in cost and resources.

    I would suggest trying both. Bookarestaurant makes big claims but try finding a restaurant to actually book! While on Dimmi they actually have restaurants available.

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