Best Web App Winner: Lifehacker 2010 Awards

We obviously love web apps; a web browser won our Best Desktop App award. But what's the web app that we most want to run inside our browser?

Readers' Choice: Gmail

If Google was to unexpectedly shut down Gmail tomorrow, the screams of woe would be heard from here to the ends of Lifehacker's virtual fifedom. The fundamental proposition for Gmail hasn't changed throughout its life: web-based email that's easy to search, easy to manage, and easy to customise. 2010 saw major improvements to Gmail, ranging from the much-loved Priority Inbox to the long-awaited option to switch off threaded conversations. (The latter certainly got me using Gmail a lot more.)

Editor's Choice: ABC iView

It's somewhat ironic that the best-regarded catch-up TV service is from the national broadcaster, which doesn't need to explain to its advertisers where all the audiences have gone. While there's plenty of device promise in iView's future, for most of us the Web client remains the most likely way to access the archival goodness. Innovations such as iView-only shows and the introduction of ABC News 24 added to its appeal in 2010. Maybe the ABC could license the technology to the commercial networks . . .

Thanks once more to everyone who voted. Voting is still open in the communications categories for the awards. Tune in again tomorrow for the winner of Best ISP — a closely-fought contest if ever I saw one.


    I voted Gmail as a Google Apps user.
    For me GA is my EMAIL, CONTACTS, CALENDARS, and with 2010 bringing full Exchange Active Sync Google Apps to my iPhone and iPad... the circle is complete.

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