Best Ways To Keep Up With Lifehacker Australia

Overwhelmed by the number of stories Lifehacker offers you each day? We've got a bunch of options to help you keep up with our best content.

Here's all the options we offer for keeping track of Lifehacker's posts:

Mobile site: Our recently revamped mobile site will automatically render on the most popular mobile phones, offering an easy-to-read single column view of all our content.

RSS: Our RSS feed lets you track everything we publish in your feed reader of choice. (Don't know how to use RSS? Check our beginner's guide.)

Twitter: Our Twitter feed shows you all the Lifehacker Australia posts, ready for reading direct from your timeline.

Facebook: We pick out our strongest posts each day and highlight them on our Facebook page. We'll be running Facebook-only contests in 2011, so it's definitely worth adding us.

However you read Lifehacker, we're glad you do!


    I didn't know there was a website optimized for phones! I cant wait for the app to come out tho ;)

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