Best Mobile Broadband Winner: Lifehacker 2010 Awards

And so we come to the final category in the Lifehacker 2010 awards: mobile broadband. What's our favourite way to stay connected on the move?

Readers' Choice: Telstra

There's two things practically everyone says about Telstra's Next G network: it works almost everywhere you go in Australia, and you pay a premium for the privilege. Both are broadly true, but the price criticisms became somewhat more muted over 2010, as cheaper deals began to appear and the emergence of new high-speed options for business saw prices drop on the mainstream service. It certainly proved popular, with 50,000 users signing up each month.

Editor's Choice: Telstra

I am probably Telstra's most annoying Next G broadband customer. I'm certainly one of its more mobile users, having tested its services in Perth, between Melbourne and Adelaide, between Melbourne and Sydney, up the East Coast and — with its Ultimate package — across four states. It's not 100% reliable; I truly doubt that its coverage is as broad or as speedy as it claims; and its software is buggy a bit too often. But I can make all those criticisms of its rivals in a much louder voice. If you want mobile broadband in Australia, right now Telstra remains the one to beat.

Thanks once more to everyone who voted. We're done with the individual award categories, but there's still one more stage: voting for all the category winners in our "Best Of The Best" awards. That opens on Monday. See you then!


    But on the downside, you would have to do business with Telstra.

    I do not get NextG reception at my house.

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