Best Mobile App Winner: Lifehacker 2010 Awards

Best Mobile App Winner: Lifehacker 2010 Awards

Smart phones at the ready! We have a result in our Best Mobile App category. What’s your absolute #1 essential app for your phone?

Readers’ Choice: Google Maps

Our mobile phones go with us everywhere, so it’s no real surprise that an app that tells us where we are would be a popular choice. But that’s not to underestimate the feature set which Google Maps offers: generally accurate directions, Street View information, driving directions and traffic details. There are plenty of paid-for GPS and mapping apps for mobile phones, but for the majority of us, Google Maps will do just fine.

Editor’s Choice: Google Maps

Every single nominee in this category is a worthy addition to your phone, but there’s no doubt that I’ve made more use of Google Maps than anything else on the list. I have a very poor sense of direction, and Maps has constantly stopped me from heading the wrong way when I emerge from an unfamiliar train station. The arrival of turn-by-turn for Android phones has also put Australians on a more equal footing (as several nominators noted, Brut Maps deserves credit for offering this before it became officially available).

Thanks to everyone who voted. Voting is still open in the other three remaining categories for the awards. Tune in again tomorrow for the winner of Best Web App.


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