Best Desktop App Winner: Lifehacker 2010 Awards

Best Desktop App Winner: Lifehacker 2010 Awards

The first group of votes have been counted, and we have our winners for Best Desktop App. So which products have walked away with the prize?

Readers’ Choice: Google Chrome

Chrome has come a long way in two short years. It’s now the browser of choice for 27% of Lifehacker readers, and its combination of super-fast operation when running apps, increased extensibility, support for modern web standards and the promise of future developments such as its own app store clearly appeals to the Lifehacker community. It was an easy winner in our poll. That doesn’t mean browser competition has finished — Firefox is still a more popular choice overall amongst our readers and Firefox 4.0 has plenty of promise — but Chrome has played a crucial role in redefining our expectations of how a browser should work, no matter which browser we actually use.

Editor’s Choice: Dropbox

What Dropbox does on a basic level is really simple: synchronises files between any devices you want them on, as well as offering availability online. But it does that task so reliably and unobtrusively that it has altered our entire perception of backup, as well as proving useful for all kinds of other tasks. You could argue all day about whether it’s a desktop, web or mobile app, and that’s reflected in the fact that it was a popular nominee in all three categories. But you can’t argue that it’s not a brilliant piece of technology, and the first thing you need to install when you set up a new desktop or laptop.

Thanks to everyone who voted. Voting is still open in the other four categories for the awards. Tune in this time tomorrow for the winner of Best Mobile App.


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