AVG 2011 Update Crashes 64-Bit Windows 7; Here's A Fix

If you use the popular AVG Free as your anti-malware app of choice, an update to the 2011 version of the application has bricked 64-bit Windows 7 machines. If you're running Windows 7 64-bit and use AVG, you might want to hold off on the update; if you've already updated and are experiencing this problem, AVG offers this quick fix. [Slashdot]


    or give it up, and use Microsoft Security Essentials.

    People are still using AVG?

    I fixed this problem for my Dad yesterday. All I needed was to do a System Restore to earlier in the week and then apply the latest AVG updates after Windows booted, reboot to check all was good and it was done.

    When AVG performs program updates, in almost all occasions it'll create a system restore point.

    With Windows 7 64 bit editions, after a failed restart the system will present an option for system repair. System repair results in a failure but then offers system restore.

    If system restore has been disabled, then yes, the machine will require the aforementioned fix which deletes the problematic files and restores access to the machine.

    With that in mind, who disables system restore? It's there for a reason!

    I disable system restore after I have fully cleaned system and fixed all registery errors, after restart I enable system restore. I make manual restore points regularly, remove old restore points if system is perfect and disable AVG 2011 from creating system restore points! I dont need AVG to set my restore points, I like to chose optimum times to create a manual restore and only keep a maximum of 4 at anytime. This latest version of AVG really slowed my system, until I took over my own restore points. The system would become useless while AVG was doing it stuff, now it is working and fully protected.

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