AppSumo Releases Their Windows Holiday Bundle

Previously mentioned AppSumo is back with another app bundle, this time for Windows. It's a mere $US19, and includes a six-month subscription to the media-streaming PlayOn service previously mentioned Dial2Do, and the Complete Android Guide, written by our own Kevin Purdy.

These types of bundles have become quite popular as of late, and some are better than others. For most bundles, you need to find at least two apps that you really want, or else it ends up being a waste of money (they make you think you're getting a better deal than you really are, since you won't end up using most of the apps). This particular bundle, though, is pretty sweet if not only for a six-month trial subscription to PlayOn, at least in this humble blogger's opinion.

We mentioned PlayOn back in the day, but it's changed a lot since then — now, you can stream darn near anything (including YouTube and others) from your Windows PC to your TV or mobile device. It also costs quite a bit more, and with only a 14-day trial to test it out — but with this bundle, you get a good six months to put it through its paces before deciding to buy.

The bundle also includes the cool but no longer free voice-to-text service Dial2Do and our very own Kevin Purdy's Complete Android Guide. Furthermore, 40 per cent of the proceeds are donated to charity, so you can feel good about supporting a good cause as well.

As always, while we love these types of bundles, they can play tricks on your mind, too — so check out the bundle, and give yourself a bit of a waiting period before you buy. Hit the link to check it out.

AppSumo Windows Holiday Charity Bundle [AppSumo]


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