You Park Like An Asshole Helps You Share Your Feelings

You Park Like An Asshole Helps You Share Your Feelings

It’s almost daily routine that you run into someone parking in two spots, way too far over the line, or in a spot designed for a car half the size. You Park Like an Asshole helps you fight back.

Some people (like me) have no talent for parking a car, but that lack of talent transcends into assholism the moment a person stops caring about how their poor parking affects everyone else. You Park Like An Asshole is a helpful web site that provides you with downloadable notices you can leave on a poorly parked car to let them know you don’t approve. It looks like this:


(Click to enlarge.)

You just tick a few boxes and leave it on the car. Assuming the offending parker has internet access, they can visit and learn all about their problem.

You Park Like An Asshole reminds us all not to turn these notices into stickers. The idea is to let people know that they’re placing their own convenience above everyone else’s and that’s not fair, not to potentially cause any cosmetic damage to a vehicle — whether it belongs to an asshole or not.


You Park Like An Asshole


  • You swear like and American.
    Look, I know that it is an US website and you guys get feeds from the US Lifehacker, but dead-set, I’ve had a gutfull of Americanisation of swearing. It is spelt “arsehole”.
    C’mon Mr Editor, don’t be unAustralian.

  • I’ve been using these for over a year now… there are quite a few tuned GTR’s around with my little white note under the wiper. I always keep a bundle in my wallet, if you print them the size of a credit-card, you’re sweet. Just make sure you check if someone is in the vehicle first, as ass(arse)holes tend to have heavily tinted windows.

  • I used to leave a bunch of preprinted notes in my letterbox to deal with the two-spots-one-car issue outside of my house. They were much more polite, but there were persistent arseholes who would leave their cars thus and then go away for a week. It didn’t matter how many times I left a note under their wiper, they just didn’t get it.

    I confronted one woman who zoomed into a shopping centre car park and parked diagonally across the last two handicapped spaces before trying to run into the store in her stiletto shoes. She screamed at me “but I am f***king disabled you c**t”. I replied “you don’t get a disabled sticker for having Tourette’s”

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