Would You Do Your Christmas Shopping In The Office?

Hunting down gifts online is a great way to avoid the Christmas crush at your nearest soul-free shopping centre. But would you actually do your Christmas shopping from your work computer?

A survey released last week by IT pro organisation ISACA suggests a lot of us would. Managers predict that 65% of their employees will spend three hours or more doing online shopping via work devices. While some of that might happen on a work-issued laptop out of hours, not everyone gets a smart phone or a laptop PC in their job.

I can imagine grabbing a one-time bargain from a deal of the day site if it seemed perfect, but outside that I don't think online shopping in the office would work, unless I did it in my lunch hour. How can you focus on picking the right gift if you're spending half your time worrying if the boss will freak out? Even though I'm self-employed, I'd rather set aside a specific Christmas shopping slot than do it in dribs and drabs.

But that's just me. What's your take on Christmas shopping in the office? Tell us in the comments.


    I already have a few weks ago, the gifts arrived yesterday. Though, I only have a couple of people to buy for, so half an hour at Etsy and Thinkgeek and I was done.

    I do most of my Christmas shopping online now so sometimes I do some of this at work. I’d never step foot in my local Westfield to buy presents, I mostly buy gifts from etsy which is kind of like ebay but all hand made stuff and given how strong the Australian dollar is now its cheaper.

    I am one of those sad cases who actually loves shopping for birthday and Christmas gifts all year long. I listen out for clues on what they like and I also look out for sales so that I don't have to buy 20 gifts etc in one month. Spreading it out makes it more affordable and means I can take advantage of the slowest shipping options from the US or their different seasons and sales if I'm buying anything there. With the exception of about 3-4 gifts, I'm already done.

      So smart!!!

    also been using etsy to get some little things for some people. I fulling expect half the family to turn around a week before christmas and say - " oh we just want cash" though - having done city shopping during lunch for xmas before, online is definitly better

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