Windows Phone 7 Apps Are A Credit Card Rip-Off For Australians

Windows Phone 7 looks like reasonable value at first glance, but a big part of the appeal for any smart phone is the range of apps. I've mused over whether the app range will be up to scratch, but for Aussie users there's a more fundamental problem: foreign transaction credit card charges every time you buy an app.

Nick at Gizmodo reports that purchases on Windows Phone 7 by Australian customers are being charged via Singapore, which means they attract a foreign transaction charge if you use a . Microsoft has form for stupid Singapore-based charging, but that's no excuse for something so moronic. (People who use carrier-based billing don't have this problem.)

There's no nice way to say this Microsoft: that's a stupid decision, and reason enough to recommend that no-one in Australia buys Windows Phone 7 apps. Every other app store can manage Australian dollar charging: not doing that means you just don't give a rats, so we should we?

WTF? WP7 Users Charged International Transaction Fees For Credit Card App Purchases [Gizmodo]


    PlayStation Network has the same problem.

    Despite being charged in AUD, the transaction processor is in the UK, so we get hit with international charges.

      I never have. Maybe you have a UK PSN account?

    Use a Wizard ClearAdvantage credit card.

    There are no annual fees, no foreign currency conversion charges, no foreign currency transaction charges and no foreign ATM charges.

    The exchange rate is very good. I'm currently in USA and I'm getting 1AUD = 1.01USD on Wizard CC transactions.

    Way to encourage piracy MS.

    While I'm not sure if the appeal of WP7 is enough to encourage anyone to get another credit card, has one with no international transaction fee's.

    I use it for buying online (in the same context) and have been using it exclusively since moving to Sweden for exchange. Haven't paid a cent in fee's yet.

    Silly I have to agree... Show stopper, I would not agree... I’m sure Microsoft will get this fixed up eventually and have Australian CC processing in the future....
    As per
    It’s been reported that some users are not being charged the international fees so perhaps it’s just a temporary issue that’s already being worked on?

    I have bought several apps and have not been charged any international fees.

    ive bought several items from the store aswell and havent been charged for internation fees

    Mate, if only it was just an international payment charge that was the issue....

    My problem is that we get charged an additional 20-25% per app, regardless of the fact that our dollar is actually worth MORE than the US dollar.

    eg. in the US, The Harvest is US$6.99 (which is about A$6.85). However in Australia we are charged A$9 for the exactly the same thing. This equates to about US$9.20.

    As Australians we should feel ripped off and hard done by because this is pure crap!!!!!!! Apple are guilty of exactly the same thing however, it's just that American corporations take foreigners as been idiots..... clearly when they have no customers left we will see who the real idiots are......

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