Windows 7 Family Pack Returns To Australia, Briefly

If you have the need for multiple copies of Windows 7, now's the time to grab them: Microsoft is once again offering its Family Pack bundle of three Windows licences for $249, and once again screwing over Australians by only offering the deal for a "limited time".

The bundle will be available through Bing Lee, Dick Smith, The Good Guys, Harvey Norman, JB HI-FI, Officeworks and WOW Sight & Sound. A quick search didn't show it on the web sites for Dick Smith or Officeworks, which I guess is consistent with the "limited offer" BS Microsoft insists Australians swallow whenever they roll this deal out.

In the US and other markets the Family Pack is available all the time, not just on a whim or when Microsoft's local operation needs to boost its Christmas sales numbers for Redmond. The US RRP is also $149.95, proving that digital goods aren't exempt from pricing stupidity in the face of parity. Thanks yet again for treating Aussies like second-class citizens, Microsoft. Ever thought of running a TV network?


    If only Steam would hurry up and get an official release on Linux... Please?

    Just makes me wonder if they are offloading stock prior to SP1. Hmmmm

    Easy solution

    Don't give them a cent. It only encourages them to shaft us more, and make more drivel like Silverlight, Vista, and the .NET framework. Sadly many are clueless and more money than sense, so the shafting will continue : (

      yes... it makes them make more "drivel" like vista... just like they did with windows 7 huh?

      As annoying as this is, just buy it now, or buy it online and import it. Not too hard people. Only thing you'd have to do is change regional settings to Australia.

      But no you're all right - Windows is crap - thats why its used so much in the world.

      Realistically you don't want everyone to jump to Linux because then you'd lose your nerd credz~ so get over it already.

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