Why A World With Multiple App Stores Is A Good Thing

Mozilla Labs lead Pascal Finette discusses why, despite the convenience of single point-of-access app stores for mobile devices, multiple app stores is a good thing. In short: It's all about competition and innovation. Read more at his site, and let us know what you think in the comments. [Pascal Finette via HN] Why you want a world with multiple app stores [Pascal Finette via HN]


    While he argues a single app store stifles competition and innovation, I don't believe this is entirely correct. There is nothing stopping multiple developers from developing apps that do the same or similar thing. This would in it self drive innovation as developers try to differentiate their implementation from others.

    There is also nothing wrong with a walled garden approach, in theory. It does provide a controlling mechanism for ensuring (in theory) a level of quality software - although I'm yet to truly see it.

    The issue I have with the single app store front is choice.

    Multiple app store's could cater for individual markets, focusing on bring to the front the best apps within that market place, rather then simply jamming every thing into a common market place.

    This would (in theory), make it easier to target you purchases requirements and help prevent you from having to shuffle through dozens of apps that simple don't meet your requirements in the off chance that you might find something that might be of use to you.

    While it is sometimes difficult to argue with apple wanting to control the content of it's store (because it sees what goes on it's product as a reputation of itself), it's choices are sometimes, weird to say the least. How do fart apps really help your reputation?!?

    I believe a more open eco system will only benefit the platform while at the same reducing the need for people to jail break there devices (although, to be honest, the choice to jailbreak rarely has much to do with the single app store front and more with the restrictive nature of the API)

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