Who Wouldn’t Want Internet Access While On Holidays?

Who Wouldn’t Want Internet Access While On Holidays?

An online survey of 1200 Australians by comparison site Broadband Expert found that 97% of us plan to access the Internet the next time we’re on holidays. The press release describes that as surprising, but I don’t think so. Instead, I’m wondering what kind of holiday the other 3% think they’re going to enjoy.

Even if you don't have wireless broadband, the increasing popularity of smart phones means that many of us can have basic Internet access on holidays without even looking for it. I'm well aware that some people see "disconnecting" as a major attraction when going on holiday, and I can imagine that being useful if you're in the kind of job where annoying urgent emails come in day and night and you feel compelled to answer them. But when I found myself accidentally Internet free on a semi-working holiday earlier this year, it drove me nuts.

So I'm wondering: who wants not being able to access the Internet to be a big feature of their next holiday? Tell us (and tell us why) in the comments.


  • I think it’s actually really relaxing being disconnected. I had to ditch the internet for a camp program, and when I got back, I was almost reluctant to get back into the habit of checking everything and being in contact. It was just less stressful, as I wasn’t cluttering my mind with little bits of info about people and news. Of course I’d hate to go without it altogether, I like being connected to everyone else, but it was nice for a break.

    However, when the internet is taken away, rather than choosing to ditch it? That’s when it’s frustrating.

  • You need to be more adventurous.
    Next holiday will be camping near the beach for 7 days.
    I don’t own a smart phone so I don’t think I will be accessing the internet.
    I don’t see what’s unusual about that?

  • I guess it depends on the holiday. My next holiday will be over Christmas with all the family and stuff, so I’d like to keep in touch with friends during that period, so Internet will be used then. But if I was going camping for a week, I’d enjoy not having it as well. All depends on what it is your doing.

  • I find the biggest problem with being away for a long time (i.e more than just a weekend) without the opportunity to connect to the ‘net means everything – email, news feeds, social networking stuff – backs up and you end up spending much longer on the computer after arriving home than you would on a normal day.

    Yes, you can ignore a lot of things (perhaps not personal emails you need to respond to) but for most net-addicted people who check everything at least once a day (or even more frequently) the notifications just keep on adding up.

    Keeping personal and work email completely separate makes it easier to avoid reading work-related things on holiday, but I’d never like to be without my personal email for more than a few days.

    I was travelling for 10 weeks through Europe earlier this year, with my netbook and smart phone – and yep, I checked ‘net stuff as often as possible. I think the longest period without was 5 days which was when I was at a convention with so much stuff to do from morning until night I never really had any spare time to use the ‘net even if I wanted to. Of course, afterwards, it took several hours to get through the backlog of mail, news, etc etc.

    Quite often you need a holiday-at-home after your real holiday just to catch up on everything, both online and offline, before getting back to a normal work/home routine.

  • I don’t really care if I have net access or not when I am holiday. If I miss things on my news feeds or whatever so what?

    They are very rarely very important and I don’t need to obsessively go through all my news feeds to make sure I didn’t miss anything when I was away. When I get back I can just step in where ever everything is at.

    Its useful to have when I want to stay in touch but I can live without it for a week or so.

  • I tend to deliberately choose destinations where I am cut off to help me switch off from work and make me feel completely immersed in my holiday – because the choice is deliberate there is no sense of frustration and it’s nice knowing my colleagues can’t contact me even if they try! That being said, if I was traveling alone I’d probably want the feeling of security and connectedness that being online offers.

  • hmm.. looked like a stocking-filler LH item, but actually makes one think. this is v much in the area of “there are two kinds of people in the world …” etc.
    Sure – it is dependent on the type of holiday you are on.
    But personally, net access is like my swiss army kife. it’s just fun to have on a trip and I feel naked without it, like I’m missing things. And not for email – happy to leave that off!
    Like on a holiday we took in Paris, was great to spend bits of time looking up things to see, history of what we’d seen, specials for shows, etc etc etc.

  • What has the world come to? You go on a holiday to relax and get away from everything. We lived perfectly fine without the internet so why on earth would we want it on our holidays?

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