Which Web Apps Rocked Your World In 2010?

Desktop apps still have their place, but for many Lifehacker readers the key environment to run applications these days is inside a modern browser. Which web apps deserve recognition in Lifehacker's 2010 Best Of The Year Awards?

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Whether the task is managing your email, editing images or organising a hen night, there's bound to be a web app that makes the job easier. There's a huge raft of potential contenders, so we want to know which apps Lifehacker readers couldn't imagine life in their browser without.

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    Gmail yo!

    It's not a new app, but Internet Download Manager has been the one of the most useful apps for me this year. Chrome's speed for general web browsing was also another pleasure.

    Meebo - instant messaging
    Google Docs - Office suite
    Google Reader - RSS feed reader
    Seesmic - Social status manager/monitor
    *Typing Web - Touch typing tutor*

    I only got my invite yesterday but i'm thoroughly impressed with Rockmelt - it's a chrome based browser but with added functionality including facebook, twitter and feeds...very cool...

    Gmail and Google Reader

    First thing I always open in Firefox. Not sure how I'd cope if they ever disappeared.

    Google Reader
    Google Calendar
    Google Docs

    Gmail and Google Reader stay open as first two tabs.

    Google Docs was amazing for writing group lab reports for uni; version control so stuff never gets lost or destroyed and multiple people able to edit the same doc simultaneously.

    Also made the switch from Firefox to Chrome. Flash and Adobe Reader would regularly bring down Firefox, Chrome seems rock solid and much faster.

    The stackoverflow collection of sites.

    Thingler is pretty damn nice too

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