Where To Stash And Share Your Stuff After Drop.io Shuts Down

Where To Stash And Share Your Stuff After Drop.io Shuts Down

Instant cloud storage service Drop.io is shutting down after a Facebook buyout. No more “drops” can be created with free accounts, and existing drops are dead as of December 15. Where else can you stash and share 100 MB of files online?

Google Docs

If you have any kind of Google account, you’ve got access to Docs. And if you have access to Docs, you can upload and share any kind of file up to 250MB, for a total of 1GB storage.[imgclear]


Probably the most obvious competitor and matching convenience of Drop.io — the big difference being the need for a regular, signed-in account to use. Still, even without the desktop client installed, you can head to Dropbox.com, upload files and share them with anybody through the /”Shareable link” feature. The file sizes are seemingly unlimited, but the total comes out of your free 2 GB storage (though you may have more if you’ve referred friends or bought extra space).[imgclear]

Live Drive

Even if you’re not entirely bought into Microsoft’s Windows Live environment, you can put their 25 GB of free SkyDrive space to good use fairly easily. Anything you stash in SkyDrive from the Live Mesh client, or just through a web login, can be easily shared with others in an eye-pleasing gallery format, whether or not it’s in the Public folder.[imgclear]

Many Other Alternatives

Recommendation engine Alternativesto.net has a list of potential Drop.io competitors. If you’ve got simple needs and other sites don’t work for you, you may find a winner in this bunch, but we prefer the familiarity of the services we’ve recommended above.

Were you a Drop.io fan in its heyday? What services are you using now?


  • There is another solution. You can use Ge.tt, http://ge.tt.

    Ge.tt is an instant file sharing service. No matter how many files you share, or how large they are, your files are shared in seconds. You don’t have to wait for them to upload.

    It also works directly in the browser without having to install anything (and no flash or java reuired).

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