What's Your Favourite Notebook?

Despite the proliferation of digital note-taking tools, many people still love the tactile and no-batteries-required experience of writing in a physical notebook. In honour of writing week we want to hear all about your favourite notebook.

Photo by Brandi Sims.

Notebooks comes in all manner of sizes, styles and prices from the humble reporter's spiral pad to expensive leather-bound notebooks with famous fans like artists and playwrights. Even with all the ways we can take digital notes and eschew using pen and paper all together, analogue note taking has never fallen completely out of fashion. In fact analogue notes made a solid showing in our Five Best Note Taking Tools Hive Five and weighed in with a solid honourable mention in our Five Best Mobile Note Taking Tools Hive Five.

We want to hear about your favourite notebook no matter how the size or price. Sound off in the comments with your favourite notebook — including a link for other readers to shop for it would be most helpful — and what makes it your favourite. The quality of the paper? The perfect pocket-size of the pages? The price? Whatever makes your notebook your go-to place for analogue notes we want to hear about it.


    moleskine with gridded paper, any crap you write on gridded paper seems more important for some reason.

      Agreed... almost.

      I use Moleskine Cahiers (XL size) for notebooks - both the squared and lined versions. Squared notes are really good if you need to sketch in graphs and/or tables.

      'Pocket' sized (@ ~1/4 the size of the XL cahiers) are good for leaving in a jacket or car for those times that you usually forget to have some notepaper on hand.

      Of course, you'll need a nice fountain pen to write in your Moleskine...

    A pad of post-it notes and a pen within easy reach in the car. Not my favourite, obviously, but certainly one of the most frequently used.

    I got a notebook from Florentine in Sydney (AU :P) Which is bound in leather, has thick hand made pages all nice and lined. Expensive and pretentious as it is, writing in it was a pleasure. (I have since filled it to capacity and retired it to my archives). I have bought other notebooks from that same store but the first I got was my favourite.
    Linky: http://www.florentineaustralia.com.au/
    Unfortunately the book I am referring to is no longer available as far as I am aware but they do have some really nice kit there. :)

    Currently using a softcover from florentine in a larger format and a tiny moleskin but the moleskins are very cheap and although it's only half full it's already falling apart from use. :(


    They're nice and tiny so they fit in my pocket but are still big enough to be usable. Despite being made of recycled paper and unicorn wishes they're surprisingly sturdy too. I don't really use them for long winded reposes though just quick notes in a meeting, maths I want to remember later, or little code snippet ideas etc...

    Spirax A5 Notebook, 200 pages with 2 Note pockets. I fill these up and file 'em, they end up full of useful info at work.

    Even in the world of pen and paper the Think Pad rules supreme:


    An A5 red ZEQUENZ notebook that I picked up in Sweden. Why?

    It can be folded in half, rolled up or folded back in half without damaging it in anyway.
    The paper is awesome to write on. Indeed the whole build quality feels far superior to any other notebooks I have tried. Even the ultra popular Moleskines feels cheaply made in comparison.

    Plus it was only $10

    http://www.zequenz.com/ - sadly the website suffers from the same lame marketing buzz words as other notebook brands.

    Currently using a Picadilly (that's right, it's not a moleksine) large ruled notebook. It's brilliant and the build quality is amazing. I would have bought a moleskine if the full size ones weren't just shy of $40.

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