What's Been The Best Desktop App For 2010?

Mobile apps make life on the road easier, but none of us are ready to entirely give up desktop apps running natively on our computer. Which desktop apps do you find indispensable? Nominate your favourites for Lifehacker's 2010 Best Of The Year awards.

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Whether it's an all-the-bells-and-whistles image editor, an indispensable synching utility or simply your favourite browser, there's bound to be at least one desktop app that you simply can't imagine working without.

Share your thoughts in the comments below (or in our original awards post) and help us build a killer nominations list for our 2010 Best Of The Year awards.


    For me, it's been Panic's Coda. Unbelievably good coding environment.

    * robocopy
    * Windows Live Writer
    * Microsoft ICE
    * JDownloader
    * FormatFactory

    And the app I'd most like to dispense with:
    * iTunes

    World of Warcraft best app of 2010


    Well it certainly isn't any of the MS Office apps as the online versions are getting better, and OpenOffice is pretty neat.

    Photoshop has always been a favourite, but has a huge price tag and once again online versions are getting better and better.

    Pidgin rocks for multi-protocol IM. KeePass rocks for password management. VirtualBox rocks for virtualisation. And obviously VLC for media.

    Apart from those, whatever software does the job. And Chrome takes the browser cake for innovation, speed and stability.

      Keepass + the Keefox plugin is the best password management solution I've found!

    Google Chrome / Chromium, hands down. Quick and easy and open-source too.

    For me, definitely Microsoft Office 2007, with Word and Excel in particular (mainly because I use those the most). It's so much easier to use than the latest version, has a better layout and much better than older versions.

    Also, the Google Talk desktop client. It's light, fast, and has great voice quality as well on the voice functions.

    It's the first program I open in the morning, and the last I close at night.

    For me, the best new app for 2010 is PaintRibbon:


    It's become my replacement for both Paint.NET and Photoshop, which I used for years!

    DVD Coach Express

    Dropbox by far. I can't think of anything more useful. It is incredibly awesome.

    for me as a photographer Aperture 3 is pretty great.

    Microsoft OneNote

    The best organisational application ever, and you can now edit the same notebook with multiple people in a wave-like fashion using office web apps and windows live.

    It also has the worlds best handwriting and math input, thanks to windows 7.

    What about winRAR...seems you can't do much else without it these days!

    Write Monkey is a great distraction free writer, I have found it brilliant for academic writing, (press ALT+R), and everything else, journal/blogs, etc.

    SublimeText for code editing, any type of code, TEX, PHP, etc. Brilliant and lightweight, and the RegEx works well/simply too (difficult to find in free 'coder' app!

    Spotify, for cheap access to nearly every song you may want to listen to; £10 a month makes listening to music for 8hrs a day easy!

    NetSpeedMonitor, fulfilling one of the roles windows has neglected for a long time, informational task-bar!

    All other applications I use do there job well, and everyone likes them, VLC, Skype, etc. But these above stand out to me as brilliant, and useful. Unfortunately for some three of the above are Windows only apps., but they make it nearly worth a BootCamp.

    I agree about Jdownloader - very useful product.

    Also, Scrivener for Windows (tho still in beta test, but still works fine despite that), for writing complex or long documents, and managing research. It's a very interesting and impressive revamp for writing software, and seems to work well. It has good training videos too.

    And GIMP2 for editing or working on images. And it's free, and has lots of useful training material.

    Dropbox for me too. I love it.

    I have to agree with David Gray. Google Chrome is my most used application closely followed by Mozilla's Thunderbird.

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