Web2PDF Lets You Browse The Web From Your Email

Web2PDF is an extremely useful web-based service that lets you browse the web using your email address.

Republished with permission from Digital Inspiration.

Compose a new email message, type the URL of any web page in the body of that message and send it to [email protected] The service will then fetch the corresponding web page on its own servers and will send it back it you as a PDF attachment — all this takes no more than a few seconds.

I have tried this service will several web pages, including ones that have complex layouts, and the conversion was more or less perfect in all cases (see examples here and here). The converted PDFs not only retain the layout but also the hyperlinks and thus you may fetch other internal pages as well using email itself.

Such a service may come handy in quite a few situations like when you have access to email but general web access is restricted. Or when you are surfing the web on an old mobile phone with a pathetic browser — in that case, the built-in PDF reader may be a better option for reading web articles.

Web2PDF [via Digital Inspiration]

Amit Agarwal is a personal technology columnist and founder of Digital Inspiration, one of the most widely read how-to blogs in the world.


    "Or when you are surfing the web on an old mobile phone with a pathetic browser"
    Not an option on a N97 where the browser is pathetic and the PDF viewer has expired requiring a purchase.

    This isn't an attempt to utilize the un-metered email offers for web browsing is it? :-P

    Is there anything in place to stop spammers from abusing this service?

    Can I send an email to them with a from address of the person I want to spam and the URL of my spammy website.

    End result is that people get a PDF copy of my website sent to them!

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