Web Clipboard Extension Copies, Pastes Multiple Selections In Chrome

Web Clipboard Extension Copies, Pastes Multiple Selections In Chrome

Chrome only: Sometimes you’ve got more than one item to copy and paste, and sometimes you need to recopy that thing you copied a few minutes ago. That’s what Google’s Web Clipboard is for, available now as a free Chrome extension.

We’ve previously seen how Google’s web-based clipboard works in its early Google Docs appearance, and here it works the same: highlight text (regular or HTML) on a page, hit the button, and it’s copied to Google’s servers. Head over to a new tab, whether now or in a future Chrome session, and that text is ready for pasting whenever. The clips last for 30 days after you’ve last accessed them.

The downsides? The extension is somewhat buggy at this early stage. Google Docs doesn’t see the same stuff you’ve copied from Chrome, even though they’re in the same bin. There’s no right-click functionality to speed up copy and pasting, and pasting seemingly works only when you head to a different tab from the spot where you copied. At its base level, though, it is a free repository of things you need to have handy.

The Google Operating System blog, and many of its readers, seem to feel the semi-shuttered Google Notebook service was a better implementation of universal copy-paste. Do you agree?

Web Clipboard (by Google) [Google Chrome extension gallery via Google Operating System]

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