Water Storage Tracks Catchments Across Australia

iOs: Every time it rains, some smart aleck will comment: "I bet it doesn't hit the dams." Keep track of how much water is being stored Australia wide with the Water Storage app, built by those weather-loving types at the Bureau of Meteorology.

The app covers more than 250 sites across Australia, as well as aggregating city and state figures, and is updated daily with the latest data. While the same information is available on the BOM site, the app environment presents an attractive summary of the figures and makes it easy to compare how storage changes over time.

Water Storage is a free app for iOS devices.

Water Storage


    For WA readers www.watercorporation.com.au has some very detailed info on the dam levels, rainfall and daily usage going back a number of years.

    While 2010 was off to a good start, we seem to have completely missed the usual uptick over the Jul-Sep period. The storage level has stayed flat =\

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