Vote For The Best Mobile App In The Lifehacker Awards 2010

We've culled the potential nominees to a shortlist of five in each category. Now it's time to cast your vote for the best mobile app of 2010.

Cast your vote using the poll form below. Voting is open until Tuesday December 7 2010 (Eastern daylight savings time); you can already vote for desktop apps, and other categories open later this week. For full details of what happens next, check our earlier post. And thanks for voting!

Lifehacker Awards: What was the best mobile app for 2010?online surveys


    Tough choice between Evernote and Dropbox. Both indispenable, but at the opposite ends of the quality spectrum. Evernote is glacially slow at fixing bugs, but adds new features thick and fast. Dropbox is marvellously well-made software, which tends to slow down new stuff.

    Quality wins in the end, so Dropbox it is.

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