Vote For The Best Desktop App In The Lifehacker Awards 2010

We've narrowed down the contenders for the Lifehacker awards to a shortlist of five in each category. Now it's time to cast your vote for the best desktop app of 2010.

Just cast your vote using the poll form below. Voting is open until Monday December 6 2010 (Eastern daylight savings time); other categories open later this week. For full details of what happens next, check our earlier post. And thanks for voting!

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    Chrome or Dropbox...........hard choice.

      I had the same issue deciding. Went with Chrome in the end as it's what I fire up and use more often.

    I get the feeling that Dropbox is going to win a lot of these things.

    Firefox is only great but only because of the many addons available for it. These aren't created my Mozilla so I voted Dropbox.

    You probably want to fix the date :-)
    "Voting is open until Monday December 6 --->1000<---"

      No "probably" about it! Fixed now, thanks for the spot.

    I can't vote for Dropbox until they get off their butts and implemented their most requested feature (that every competitor already has) - sync folders outside of the Dropbox folder.

    Everything about Dropbox is great (particularly its integration with a lot of other services via its API) but while it's limited to the My Dropbox folder I have to keep using Spideroak.

    My vote goes to Chrome.


    Dropbox or Firefox???

    Hard choice. I always considered Firefox to be more of a 'desktop app' and dropbox to be a web service - but it'd be useless without its sync app.

    They're both brilliant though - couldn't live without either of them.

    As bennythejet mentioned above - Firefox wouldn't be what it is without the 3rd party addons, which aren't created by the moz themselves (kudos for the extensive and functioning API though!), so I've given my vote to Dropbox as all their kudos go to themselves.

    Chrome or Dropbox.
    Google fan by nature I still went with dropbox :) Gotta love it being so damn simple :)

    I didn't vote. Pretty insipid list of general purpose general duty apps.
    I guess dropbox has the edge just you could call the list most used. None are a leading edge.

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