Vitamin D Explainer Tells How Much ‘Good’ Sun You’re Missing

Vitamin D Explainer Tells How Much ‘Good’ Sun You’re Missing

Your body can naturally generate Vitamin D, but only if it gets enough of the right kind of sun. For those living above a certain latitude, that daily sun is hard to come by. David McCandless explains how to get it.

Beyond just getting outside more, McCandless’ Vitamin D infographic shows who in the world is missing how much Vitamin D from their lives. It matters because D vitamins have been shown to correlate strongly with mood and energy levels, along with general effects in health and cancer prevention. To get more Vitamin D going, you could get outside more, with the proper sunblock applied, or you can pick it up in dietary supplements like egg yolks, oily fish and even margarine. It’s a good read, arriving at a good time for many of us in the world’s northern reaches.

Vitamin D [Information is Beautiful]


  • Its important to remind the Australian readers that no one in Au should be vit D deficient. Also its not good to spend time outside without sunscreen.
    This article appears to be directed at people in the far north of the world.

    • You’re right, nobody should, but unfortunately it’s very common. It seems that people have taken sun caution to the other extreme and are often getting less sun than those at higher latitudes. I had a whole heap of minor, but annoying, symptoms that were fairly quickly diagnosed as Vitamin D deficiency. A bit more sun and a slight improvement in diet and the symptoms went away.

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