Use A Blow Torch To Create A Distressed Desk Surface

Just because you use cheap materials to make over your office doesn't mean they have to end up looking cheap. This easy hack takes a cheap IKEA pine desktop and distresses it with a blowtorch for a great vintage look.

IKEAHacker reader Kelley wanted a new desk that was inexpensive but blended in nicely with the rest of her furniture. Her existing furniture was a mix of wood finishes and she didn't want a new desk that looked out of place. To create a new desk that had a surface which looked old enough to blend in she distressed it with a blowtorch.

The distressing process is straight forward. Get a big slab of wood (in this case the VIKA unfinished pine desktop), work over the surface with light blowtorch passes to distress the wood and raise the grain, then sand and stain. Check out the full guide at the link below.

VIKA Goes Glam [IKEAHacker]


    Just looks like burnt wood.

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