Ubuntu Might Drop Six-Month Schedule For Rolling Releases

Linux fans know the drill: every six months, Ubuntu rolls out its next major release, with a dated version number (10.10 for October 2010, for example), an alliterative, sequential animal name ("Maverick Meerkat"), and improvements both big and small. Now the popular distribution is thinking of pulling a Chrome and rolling out fixes and improvements regularly, maybe even daily.

Seems like a smart move in an age where new devices, platforms and browser improvements make a six-month schedule seem like snail mail delivery.

[The Register via Slashdot]


    Fine, as long as there's a way to pick and choose non-essential updates.

    The stable releases are good, it lets you watch people be guinea pigs and sort out serious kernel/xorg/driver bugs for a few weeks. This is no different to running bleeding edge stuff.

    i reckon monthly or weekly would be better

    I'm 100% happy with 6 months.

    Compare that with Windows and OS X.

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