Top 10 Registry Tweaks That Power Up Windows

Top 10 Registry Tweaks That Power Up Windows

The Windows registry is a mysterious place, but if you’re comfortable editing it, you have the power to tweak nearly every Windows setting you can imagine. Here are 10 of our favourite registry tweaks that make life easier.

10. Hide Pre-Populated Items in Windows Explorer’s Sidebar

few minor tweaks

9. Disable Libraries in Windows 7

best underhyped featuresthis tweak wil get them out of your sight for good

8. Change Your User Profile Location

bought an SSD and need to move your home folder to another drivethe registry has a few options for moving your user profile folder

7. Customise Windows Explorer’s “Open With” Menu

manually edit which programs show up for which file extensions in the registryadd it yourself through the registry too

6. Speed Up the Windows 7 Taskbar

tweak a simple key in the registryget rid of the Aero Peek delaythis registry hack

5. Disable Annoying Notification Balloons

very simple registry tweak

4. Change Your PC’s Registered Owner

3. Take Ownership of Any File From the Context Menu

briefly mentioned this tip beforeThe How-To Geek

2. Stop Windows Update from Hijacking Your PC

one to keep it from forcibly rebooting your computerone to keep it away from your shut down and sleep buttons

1. Enable God Mode to Quickly Access Any Setting You Want

five favourite Windows 7 tweakersGod Mode folderuse it to create (or re-create) other system places

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