The Translucent Office: Hidden In Plain Sight

Fitting your home office into the greater space of your home is a challenge for anybody, but especially somebody living in an open loft. Today's featured workspace is cleverly hidden beneath a loft bed.

Apartment Therapy readers Victor and Soeun made their small but open loft-style apartment look even bigger by working with an almost entirely white colour scheme. To conceal the office tucked under their loft bed they sheathed it in semi-translucent plastic boards so that light inside filtered out in a diffused way and light outside filtered in so they didn't feel like they were working in a coffin. The end result is a workspace that is hidden from sight by blending into the design elements in the rest of their home—they used the light-within-translucent columns technique in every room. Click on the images below for a closer look at their home office or visit the link below to browse through the entire tour of their apartment at Apartment Therapy.

Victor & Soeun's Romantic Loft [Apartment Therapy]


    that is an amazing set up. would love to have that.

    Pure awesome. Love the white theme.

    can't wait for the dog to bring some muddy paws inside..or 'where did the kids go with my makeup?'

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