The BlackBerry’s Best Writing App Is Already Built In

The BlackBerry’s Best Writing App Is Already Built In

Last week, we rounded up the most helpful writing tools for Android and iOS users. We didn’t do a separate listing for BlackBerry, but to my mind it already has a pretty good option built-in for basic writing tasks: the MemoPad application.

As text editors go, MemoPad is pretty simple. It has cut and paste, spell-checking and that's basically it. It also can't handle documents much over 1,000 words in length, so it isn't my main go-to tool for editing longer existing documents (NaNoWriMo, anyone?).

However, the fact that MemoPad is built-in and automatically syncs with Outlook means that it's a great tool for writing drafts, jotting down ideas or filling in time working while waiting in a queue. Combine that with the BlackBerry's keyboard -- still the sweetest thing ever attached to a mobile device -- and it's a brilliant writing tool.

I've even got the draft for about a third of a non-fiction book which I've written entirely in MemoPad. When I finally want to bring all those chapters together, I'm sure I'll use a desktop app, but I've written most of the chapters while in audiences waiting for concerts to start. If you're going to be perennially early like me, that makes for an easy and portable option.

MemoPad is already built-in for BlackBerry owners.


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