Text Bot Narrates SMS For Safer Driving

Text Bot Narrates SMS For Safer Driving

Android: Using audio transcription and simplified default responses, Text Bot helps keep your eyes on the road while you send/receive SMS text messages.

Text Bot offsets Android’s default SMS application and simplifies the process by removing the keyboard. Instead users are left with only three default responses to choose from: no, yes, driving.

To keep your eyes on the road, Text Bot will read incoming messages aloud, and requires only a single click to respond using their default responses. Text Bot also includes support for Android’s Voice Control, making it much easier to respond by simply speaking to your phone.


It’s better you don’t use your phone at all while driving, but if you must, Text Bot is a small price to pay to keep your eyes on the road. Text Bot is $2.05 in the Android Marketplace and requires Android version 2.1 and higher.

Text Bot [AppBrain]


  • my apologies for derailing the comments but i would also like to add that I believe that if the police catch you on your mobile phone while driving your should actually be arrested and detained for the endangerment of others.

    • Umm.. Nate, if its in a cradle its neither against the law or any more dangerous than using your fancy GPS.

      I chuck my android in a cradle as soon as I get in the car and use it as a music player, GPS unit (with free navigation) and to receive calls hands-free. Cradle FTW.

      This app will just help you by making the buttons bigger and therefore taking less times at lights etc.

  • while actively texting on the phone when driving would be unsafe, this merely assists you with receiving them without taking your eyes off the road. I know a few people who use drivesafe.ly because of the sheer amount of time they have to spend driving.

    It’s not ideal, but it helps people scratch the ‘I have to know what that email says it might be urgent’ itch without actually endangering their lives.

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