Tell Us Your Best Mobile App For 2010

Mobile apps are a boom category, with oodles of good choices whether you're sporting an Android device, an iPhone, a BlackBerry, or even a Windows Phone 7 or Symbian device. But which ones are so useful they deserve consideration for Lifehacker's 2010 Best Of The Year Awards?

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Mobile apps don't necessarily need to sport hundreds of features. Often it's just the ability to get a few crucial tasks done wherever you are that makes all the difference. Whether it's a to-do list manager, a great Twitter client or something more obscure, tell us which mobile apps you think should be on our shortlist.

Share your thoughts in the comments below (or head to our original awards post). Let's make this nominations list fly!


    Onenote on Windows Phone 7.

    Full integration/sync with the desktop application. Exactly what I wanted. :)

    Sleep Cycle on the IPhone, I now feel refreshed every morning when it wakes me up

    Tasker for Android

    The one app to rule them all!

    google maps navigation

    Google Maps with free Turn-By-Turn Navigation.

    Quota. Can scrape any website for info (as long as you tell it how), and comes with plenty of sites built in.

    Autosilent for my iphone 4...

    I use it everyday and i have the confidence that my phone is on silent whenever im in a meeting or sleeping on the weekend...

    BEST... APP... EVER...

    Google Maps with Navigation.

    It encompasses everything that is great about Google... I still remember the day it was released. Garmin and Tom Tom stocks crashed. Android became a true smartphone platform that day.

    Simplenote on iPhone (and accompianing web app everywhere else). Just too easy to use and know my notes are backed up instantly!

    Waze on iPhone (and android). They've had free turn by turn navigation since the beginning, and it's coupled with crowd-sourced traffic information - so it's an app that becomes more useful the more people use it.

    Instapaper foriPad. Best way to keep up with electronic reading.

    Simplenote, because I can sync it across my 3 iOS devices and my PC (using Resoph Notes).

    dropbox for sure. hands down. cant believe that anyone can not have it

    Brut mod version of Google maps. Anyone before yesterday using Google for navigation in aus must have been using Brut's wonderful mod job, giving Aussies free navigation a year before Goog pressed the button, so if it wins, please make sure the credit goes where its due.

    NewsRob -google reader sync for Android. I always have the latest news to read. It got a committed/responsive developer and is the only app that I've used daily for a year.

    @chris - good call on the brut mod

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