SunSmart Advises You On UV Levels

iOS: Weather apps aren't exactly an unusual category, but the SunSmart app has a couple of features to recommend it. It's backed by Cancer Council Victoria, and it offers advice on what the UV levels are expected to be in your location.

The app can also be configured to offer reminders about using sunscreen and what times of day sun exposure is less risky. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in Australia, so taking sensible measures is a summer essential.

SunSmart is a free download for iOS devices.



    'OzSun UV Alert' is a better app. It fetches, consolidates and displays in a convenient colour-coded visual way the current actual real-time observed UV levels data available courtesy of Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) and the daily UV (aka 'SunSmart') alerts as issued to the public by Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) based on forecasts. It is limited currently to only a few cities in Australia, but if you live in a capital city or close to one, the real-time update is a major advantage. It's free to download until December.

      ‘OzSun UV Alert’ is definitely limited... "a few cities in Australia, but if you live in a capital city or close to one, the real-time update is a major advantage."

      Canberra, capital city of Australia and not included??

    I hope it doesn't draw it's info from BOM. I live about 50km from Brisbane as the crow flies yet the UV index for my home (on BOM)will be extreme whilst it's only moderate in Brisbane (it always seems to be about 3 levels higher where I live). maybe the hole in the ozone layer migrated north to just above my house.

    Me thinks "Paul" knows too much about that app..

    "Dudes"!! ;)

    I AM the developer of the 'OzSun UV app' mentioned here, but I also been happily and keenly promoting the official SunSmart app as well (see twitter: )

    It's NOT a "zero-sum game"!! - the more apps and more awareness of this serious health issue - the better!! :)

    Also, as you can see within 'OzSun UV Alert' app I have a 'plug' and a url link to SunSmart web-site about 3 times!!


    - @Zac, I have no idea who Paul is other than he is a happy end-user of the app, so your "suspicions" are seriously unsubstantiated ;)

    - @Paul, thanks for the great feedback and for such a detailed and thorough review, mate! (saved me a lot of typing today :)

    - Yes, the 'OzSun UV Alert' app is (and will always be) limited only to those cities where ARPANSA currently have their real-time UV sensors.
    (Currently they have only 9, but I heard they are working hard to get them rolled-out in more cities, including Canberra ;)

    Since inception, the key idea and emphasis of 'OzSun UV Alert' has been on real-time UV index info.

    The 'SunSmart' app on the other hand lacks the real-time info in the current version, but it does a really good job on Push Notification alerts of the daily SunSmart alerts, fine-grained location detection and also conveniently brings in the overall weather info as well...

    Oleg Kiorsak.

    I work for SunSmart and think that both apps have a role. The real time UV as provided by OzSun UV Alert is particularly useful for educating people about how UV can vary - check it regularly on a partially cloudy day, and you'll see how it can change from minute to minute (for a graph of how it looks over the day, check ARPANSA's website: We had initially thought of including ARPANSA's real time data feed in our app as well, but decided against it. Partly this was because it will only ever be available for a limited number of sites where they have their terribly expensive sensors, but also due to the local variability - we didn't want someone in another suburb of Melbourne to think they didn't need to protect themselves, just because a big cloud happened to be passing over the sensor at Yallambie at that point in time. From that point of view, the forecast times when the UV will be 3 or above are safer, so that's what we went with.

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