Store Product Model Numbers In Your Smartphone For Quick Access When Shopping

Keeping lists of product information handy using your mobile or smartphone can often come in handy at unexpected times.

Home and technology blog Unplggd suggests offloading product model and part numbers to your phone for easy retrieval. This gives you a quick and handy access to otherwise easily forgettable information, like the model of ink your printer uses. Keeping a simple list of model numbers for things like your printer cartridges, type of RAM, projector bulbs, or the types of batteries your devices take can help in those often forgetful shopping moments.

Have other items you'd suggest keeping handy in your phone? Share them in the comments!

5 Handy Numbers and Measures to Store in Your Phone [Unplggd]


    Why waste time writing... Most phones, esp iphone has a good enough camera, take a photos... you get make, model, serial, what ever you want...I always take photos and then use photos to find driver info on net.

    Also use your camera to shop. Take photos of other stores prices to compare. When at HN you see one PC at one price, but their is always something a little different at the next store JB, take photos of price and specs to compare with ease.


      Also can double as proof that shop A is cheaper than shop B.

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