Springpad Updates With Faster HTML5 Web App, New Mobile Apps

Android/iOS/Web: Cross-platform, life-organising solution Springpad released a major update today, bringing a fast HTML5 web app (and corresponding mobile apps) with easier searching, tagging, organisation and personalisation features.

While it isn't a desktop app as many of you wanted, the new HTML5 web app is pretty awesome and truly cross-platform (and seriously, it feels like a real app). Right off the bat, the biggest difference is that you can create notebooks to organise your information. So now, instead of having all your items in one giant list, you can create a list for recipes, movies you want to see, items pertaining to your next holiday, and so on. It's much easier to sift through. The search function has also vastly improved: instead of adding an item by type, you can now just do a global search, which is much faster (and still pretty accurate).

Among other changes are themes for you to personalise your Springpad, which sync across all your devices. There's also a pretty cool visual organisation feature called the Board, where you can lay out items as you would on a table or bulletin board. If you add a person or place, you can even get an instant Google Map added to the board with the click of a button.

There are a bunch of other new additions to Springpad, so check out their blog post below to read more about it. Check out the video above as well to see the new changes in action. If you haven't gotten on the Springpad bandwagon yet, I highly recommend you take another look — the new version is a big, big improvement over an already awesome app.

Welcome to the New Springpad! [Springpad Blog]


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