Speed Up Firefox By Moving Your Cache To RAM

We've talked about moving your cache files to a RAM disk to speed things up, but it turns out Firefox has this feature built in. Here's how to turn it on.

Since your computer can access data in RAM faster than on a hard drive, moving cached data to RAM can improve your page load times. In Firefox, all you need to do to move your caches to RAM is open up about:config and make a few tweaks.

Once you get into about:config, type browser.cache into the filter bar at the top. Find browser.cache.disk.enable and set it to false by double clicking on it. You'll then want to set browser.cache.memory.enable to true (mine seemed to already be set as such), and create a new preference by right clicking anywhere, hitting New, and choosing Integer. Call the preference browser.cache.memory.capacity and hit OK. In the next window, type in the number of kilobytes you want to assign to the cache (for example, typing 100000 would create a cache of 100,000 kilobytes or 100 megabytes). A value of -1 will tell Firefox to dynamically determine the cache size depending on how much RAM you have.

This tip isn't brand new, but it is something we didn't know about, so if you're looking to eke a bit more speed out of Firefox (and who isn't?) this should give your page loading speeds a little boost. You can check up on your memory cache activity by typing about:cache in the address bar. Hit the link for more information on this tweak, and if you try it out, let us know how it works for you in the comments.

Speed Up Firefox Page Loading Time Without Using a RAM Disk [Download Squad]


    is this a wise thing to do if you're running a 32bit OS with only 4gb RAM?

      Probably depends how many other apps you have open and chewing up RAM...
      Worst case is that Firefox will crash when it runs out of RAM!

    I'm using Pale Moon (for those who don't know, it's the Firefox build that's tweaked to be optimised for Windows), and it already has these values set, apart from the browser.cache.memory.capacity entry.

    I guess this is one of the tweaks to make Pale Moon seem faster.

    Doesn't disabling browser.cache.disk.enable mean that you then loose your entire cache every time you close your browser?

      That's an interesting question? I just did it to my FF and to be honest it seems slower on some sites and OK for others. Does anybody have a definitive answer to zac spitzer's question?? LH mabe :)

    Sweet - I just noticed a slight speed increase - Thanks

    There is an extension that enables you to modify these values and many more called GuiConfig and can be found at http://guiconfig.freedig.org/

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