Set Up Your Digital Camera For Wireless, Router-Free iPad Tethering

Wish you could snap a picture and it showed up for review directly on your iPad (or other iOS device)? Here's how to set up a jailbroken iDevice to serve as a direct, wireless, photo-displaying tether for your digital camera.

In the video above photography blog FStoppers demonstrates how to combine your digital camera, an Eye-Fi Wi-Fi SD card and a jailbroken iPad into a pretty flashy wireless and router-less photo viewer. The core of the hack is using jailbreak-only application MyWi to turn your iPad into a wireless ad-hoc hotspot. From there you direct your Eye-Fi card to connect to the iPad and load the images with ShutterSnitch.

It's not a duct-tape and freeware hack by any means — assuming you already have the digital camera and iPad you'll still need to spend $US28 on software and $US130 on the Eye-Fi Pro X2. None the less if a self-updating wireless tether would make your workflow easier and client interactions more efficient, it's a small price to pay for a pretty awesome setup. Visit the link below for additional information.

How To Directly Tether Your Camera To An iPad [FStoppers]


    This is so cool, I love it.

    I now have my reason to buy an ipad, I can see this coming in very handy for the family photos at xmas!!!

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