Samsung Galaxy Tab App Lineup For Australia Revealed

We already know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will cost $999. Now Samsung has set a firm release date for its Android tablet — November 8 — and lined up a series of local apps that will come installed on the device for Australian buyers.

The most notable inclusion is a turn-by-turn navgiation app from Navigon, which is a useful addition given the lack of support for turn-by-turn in Google's own Maps application in Australia and the price tags attached to other similar offerings. The tablet will also include a two-month trial of the Australian's news application, a free copy of Need for Speed SHIFT and a built-in ebook reader app which supports both free and paid content.

Given the price tag, I still expect many people will wait to see how the carrier-subsidised plans for the device stack up (and whether they'll be eligible for them) before weighing it against rivals such as the Dell Streak and the Telstra T-Touch. Do the apps make the Galaxy Tab sound more appealing? Tell us in the comments.



    Silly that Samsung haven't tried to price match the IPAD...

    Built-in NFS shift sounds kinda cool though.

    Dearer than iPad!!!!
    I think it's not going to sell well.

    Amazon are taking pre-orders in the US for US$699 - with AUD/USD pretty much at parity I'll be buggered if I'm paying a rip off $999! How do they justify charging us $300 more? Screw you samsung.

    Fail, too expensive.

    Hanging out for a Telstra Next G compatible model's price... (or a compatible import model like AT&T but unlocked and haven't seen anything there either). Navigon great but read reports of having to pay extra for a feature as standard these days as spoken street names which is a little lame.

    Archos new tabs come way cheaper

    look up in sky (high price)... Is it a it an its a super rip off. Come on samsung $600 is a more realistic price

    I think I'll wait a long time for one of these, I have my Desire and Kindle, they will do.

    How does it compare to the Telstra T-Touch? Ignoring the rubbish name. Considering the T-Touch is $299 (network locked) plus the cost of a micro sd card for some descent storage.

      The T-touch is kinda like a cordless house phone, this is more like a full fledged android phone plus larger screen.

    A 32GB wifi and 3g iPad will set you back $928, I'd say it is on par with that pricing. It would be nicer at around $600 to $700.

    Don't be crazy, Apple is so far out in front and the new Ipad, and it will come..will be cheaper, havw more apps and zoom past anything.
    These 'want to be's' are just toys

    Oh boy Samsung , that's way too much . It may have better pixel density & be more open/customizable than the Hitler/Jobs ruled Ipad , but c'mon ! Yes you are the first on the block to release an Ipad rival , but you are pricing yourselves out of the race . And as for Preston Scott..the Tab is a phone , browses all web sites ( hello-flash ) is more portable & comfortable to hold ( read all the reviews ) & for those in the know ultimately more customizable . Which one's the " toy " now ?

    I guess the real questions are:

    1) When can we buy a 3G/HSDPA version from Asia/US/UK

    2) How soon can we get the apps for the Australian version onto the the overseas version

    Ticket price at $999 is outrageous, let's face it - its just a telco strategy so people buy it bundled with data from Tel$tra or Optu$

    When you can get it included for $60 a month including 10GB per month with Optus, why would you buy it for $999?

    Seems like a dumb option to me...

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