Samsung Galaxy S Apparently Getting A Froyo Update

One of our more common complaints at Lifehacker HQ is that Android phone updates don't happen anywhere near as often as they should. The saga of the HTC Desire Froyo update ran for months. Will a promised update for the Samsung Galaxy S take as long?

Nick at Gizmodo (our go-to guy for hassling telcos about their snail-like upgrade policies) reports that Optus has said that a Froyo update for the Galaxy S will appear "in the coming weeks". Given the elastic definition Telstra applied to "month" with the Desire upgrade, we'll take that with a grain of salt. But I guess it does mean an update will appear eventually, as opposed to simply never happening.

Optus To Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S To Froyo ‘In The Coming Weeks’ [Gizmodo]


    Well how much do Optus suck lets take a poll?
    1. being enough to make you mildly disappointed, 10. On the point of learning how to hack and sabotage there network. Hey optus here is one for you. I have now decided to release an update to the payments on my account tomorrow... no next week... no, how about when you actually release froyo for sgs.. you scum bags

    10 points for you on the optus sucks how much poll... lol

    All Optus Australia customers, Froyo was released on 29th nov through Kies! Official froyo JP5 firmware. Not a prank just read it on xda forums Finally!! No word from vodafone, 3 our telstra yet...

    FINALLY. Today my KIESS showing FROYO update!! And I'm successfully upgrade it. Nice works OPTUS!!!
    My Kiess is I'm VERY HAPPY after LONG WAIT....

    All my friends at my office start upgrading the FROYO!!!

    Froyo is Coming in Melbourne !!!

    Nope, not sure what they're going on about, no firmware update for me - says the same old message "This device's version cannot be updated"

    Not sure why people are having trouble with kies. I have win 7 64bit and have had no issue recognising my phone. You need to make sure you unlock your screen after plugging in so it goes into usb mode.

    Looks like THIS is why we haven't got 2.2 yet:

    We better get 2.3 soon otherwise I'm going back to iPhone, purely out of spite!

      We did cover that at Lifehacker, you know. And 2.3 has been on the radar for a while -- the delays can't be explained by that.

    Well finally after trying to connect in a (I wonder if it will work today mood) how many bloody weeks after it was released. I mean it's almost bloody christmas. I can upgrade... Then of course a message check your internet connection.... well my 3 other workstations are connecting fine... Just the samsung server is crap thats what I think.. So after trying 5 times and getting half way through the download it finally downloads and well no I have froyo. Its about bloddy time. So far so good no real issues. Phone seems faster, some new apps and coloured icons. Why bloody why did it take so long samsung and optus? You really sux ass

    So....Froyo still not out yet? coz there is nothing to update from kies... :(

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