RunMyBox Helps Automate Virtual Machine Launching

If you work with a lot of virtual machines and switch between them frequently, it can be handy to automate the process of launching them. RunMyBox makes it easy to launch specific VirtualBox virtual machines.

RunMyBox makes it easy to launch into a given VM image, and you can place it in your Windows startup to immediately launch a given image when you start your PC. Hit the post below for details of how to set it up. Thanks Stephen!



    And for VMWare, just put a link to the VMX file in the start up folder for the same job.

      Hmm i hadn't even thought of vmware. shouldnt be too hard to implement. ill get coding :)

        ok so its kinda done...

        VMWare is supported but just a little buggy

        Ill do some full on development once uni exams are over.

        Hope you find it useful B8two

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