RSS Live Links Is A Live Bookmarks Style Reader For Google Chrome

Chrome: RSS Live Links brings self-updating RSS-based bookmarks to the Google Chrome toolbar — similar to the Live Bookmarks feature in Firefox. Park it at the end of the toolbar and fresh headlines are never more than a click away.

RSS Live Links is a tiny RSS feed reader that sits in your Google Chrome toolbar. Click the icon and you see a list of your subscribed feeds. Click one of the feeds and it expands to show the headlines. Mouse over a headline and you get, as seen in the screenshot above, a snippet of the article.

At first glance RSS Live Links looks pretty simple and it would be easy to assume it isn't very customisable. While it has a spartan design the configuration menu is quite substantial.

You can change the height and width, how links open, the max items per feed, the font size and colour, how RSS Live Links notifies you of new stories (audio, visual, both or none), and more. RSS Live Links is free and works wherever Chrome does.

RSS Live Links [Chrome Extension Gallery via GHacks]


    This is a great extension, it was pretty much what I needed when I swapped from Firefox, and it works brilliantly. Had some issues with it constantly crashing in a dev build a while ago, but i think that's since been resolved.

    Also note that this thing seems to be incredibly regularly updated, every week or two or something. I think it's mainly minor updates, but it would seem to have great support still.

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