Restaurants Now Getting Busted For Not Displaying Full Prices

If you head out for a leisurely brunch this Sunday at your favourite cafe and spot a sign on the menu which states a percentage surcharge for weekends, it might be time to have an urgent word with the owner. Legislation was introduced last year which banned the practice, and the ACCC has now started fining establishments which don't comply.

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Restaurants and cafes are allowed to charge different prices for food on different days, but they have to list the total price involved on any given day, not just a blanket surcharge, since that can make it harder for customers to work out the total cost. Having said back in July that restaurants had now had sufficient time to organise the production of separate weekend menus including total prices, the ACCC has begun issuing fines. Two restaurants have been fined $13,200 each for failing to quote all-inclusive prices. Printing a new menu (or updating a blackboard) is very unlikely to cost that much.



    Does anybody know if this applies to the % credit card surcharge that some places charge?

      I'd say not - the ACCC authorised the surcharging process. The difference is you have options to avoid the surcharge, but not to avoid the Sunday supplement.

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