Record Guitar In GarageBand With A Rock Band 3 Controller

Record Guitar In GarageBand With A Rock Band 3 Controller
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With the new, much more guitar-like Rock Band 3 controllers on the market, it’s actually possible to configure them to create MIDI music in GarageBand on a Mac. Mac magazine Mac|Life shows us how.

The Rock Band games continue to innovate, the newest controllers coming with six actual strings for strumming and loads of buttons on the neck, each corresponding to a string/fret combination so you can actually learn to “play” guitar. With just the new Rock Band controller, a MIDI-to-USB adaptor, and GarageBand on your Mac, you can set up the guitar to record MIDI music that corresponds to what you’re playing. It takes a bit of tweaking inside GarageBand, and a hefy sum of money for the new controller (which costs as much as an actual guitar—but if you’re a big Rock Band fan, you may have it already), but the end result is actually pretty cool. Hit the link to see how it works.

How to Record “Real” Guitar With a Rock Band 3 Controller in GarageBand []


  • I wouldn’t really say it’s ‘innovative’. That’d be like making a go-kart, then progressively adding parts until it’s an actual car, and calling that innovation.
    It’s at this stage in the mutation that you might as well just buy a guitar. Using a rockband controller will not teach you to play guitar. That is, unless it can simulate feedback, harmonics and various picking style determined tones, and can facilitate bends, vibrato, etc.
    And yes, there are 3.5mm-to-USB preamps, so it’s possible to achieve the same result.

    • Except that if the input to the computer is MIDI you can do a million things with it. If the sound is audio (as it would be coming from a real guitar) all you’re left with is audio.

      With MIDI you could use the guitar to control DJ software, to play a synthesiser, you could use it control effects, plugins, whatever.

      You could assign each of the MANY buttons on the guitar to a vocal sample and walk around with a laptop and speakers talking to people with the guitar. You probably wouldn’t, but you could.

      You’ve kinda missed the point Alex.

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