Preview Gmail Messages With A Two-Finger Tap

Chrome (Mac): If you're a Gmail user on the Mac, here's a handy tip: you can preview the contents of a message with a two-finger tap. Lifehacker reader Brodie wrote in to tell us about this unexpected discovery:

I just had something crazy happen. When you use two finger tap (on Mac with Chrome) on a message in your inbox in Gmail it gives you a preview of the message. Really handy to see what is in it without opening it!

If you haven't already discovered this for yourself and like multi-touch gestures, it's a good addition to the repertoire. Thanks Brodie!


    Ha! Awesome! i shall try this tonight! Thanks!!!

    doesn't work for me: i get a pop-up menu with chrome commands. which version of chrome are you guys using? or is it maybe an extension that performs the magic?

    uhhh... this is actually the Message Sneak Peek feature..

    "Message Sneak Peek
    by Manu C and Jonathan K

    Peek into a conversation without opening it by right-clicking on a message in your inbox."

    as you know, two finger taps on a Mac trackpad is the equivalent to a right-click.

    Meaning you can achieve the same thing on Windows.

    Note, that this is Labs feature.

    yeah, um, isn't this just right-click?

    Cool though. But far from a macbook thing

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