Postage Rates To US Rise Over Security Fears

Ever-tightening security procedures in the US have resulted in a lot of angst over airport rules, but they have consequences in other areas as well. Case in point? Sending most parcels to the US will now cost you $9 more as a "security surcharge", and may take up to two days longer.

The new rules apply to anything which weighs more than 453 grams, and any international Express Post items. It's not surprising given the recent parcel bomb attempts originating from Yemen, but worth bearing in mind if you're sending gifts (or auction goods) overseas.

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    Maybe we should just encourage them to shut and lock the door completely, then the rest of us can just get on with life :P

    How nice, just in time for christmas, with no prior warning.


    Isn’t Australia post expensive enough already? Compared to other countries the cost to post stuff out of Australia is simply ridiculous! WHY is everything in this country such a rip off now days, we use to be one of the cheaper places to live now we are more expensive than places such as UK which is crazy!

      The reason why we are the most expensive is because half of Australia Post is sold to private enterprise just like everything else. Electricity, phones, etc.

      That's ironically why you can buy something off a HONG KONG eBay Seller sent to you in Australia cheaper than what you can pick it up for locally, or sometimes cheaper than what you can get it for at the local flea market who have had to pay duties and GST and perhaps customs fees just to get it into the country!

    insert cliche terrorists already winning..

    seems like stupidity just keeps on costing us more money.

    If other countries were to charge US "security surcharges", there will be a big stink over the whole thing.

    If US wants to impose more security, its well and good, but they can do it with all the money they don't have.

    Great the average punter has to once again pay for these "security" measures.

    I wonder if you can opt out of the "security surcharge", because if you can't why do they have it listed, surely that's just the cost of sending something then. It's not like insurance where you can decide if it's needed.

    I like it how you don't need to worry about security when sending stuff to any other country. Does that mean we don't care if people send bombs to say Finland?

    I'd gladly accept $9 for every package I inspected!

    In my experience not only is it prohibitively expensive to have something posted from the US to OZ before all this, .. but the chances are that the person posting to you would just take your money and not bother to post the item!! I really hate how the Yanks are screwing the whole world economy and giving us all the finger with it. :{

    I blame the US, but are AustPost gouging?

    Quote from AustPost:

    "This surcharge has been introduced solely to cover the costs of the revised security
    arrangements required by the United States, and Australia Post reiterates that the
    circumstances are beyond our control."

    So either AustPost are lying and it's not "at cost", or there is some serious requirement that justifies $9/package

    Rant time:

      ROFLMAO! Just checked out your YouTube rant. I was researching this after discovering that when I use Australia Post's online postage calculator, the figure they give you apparently doesn't include this $9 which is mentioned in a sentence at the top. You'd think they would include it in the calculated figure since you already specify the country and weight, resulting in that message appearing. But I guess they don't want to appear "too expensive" :-\

    I posted a christmas present to the US yesterday, with no prior knowledge of this $9 security levy. The total value of the present was around $25. The total postage was almost $30. The parcel wasn't particularly large or heavy. Needless to say, I will never be sending another gift to friends or family living in the US. This levy will put a few ebay stores out of business I'd imagine.

    I found out today that this surcharge doesn't apply to the UK, only us as far as I'm concern and the guys at Fairfield Heights post office told me that Australia Post were not responsible for this fee as it came from the US Authorities. There was an announcement in regards to this on Ebay but they never mentioned the date when it had taken affect from. Also I was told that Auspost account holders aren't subject to this surcharge and I can't understand why. I'll be blacklisting the USA on my Ebay auctions from now on until this stupid surcharge is removed.

    Maybe I'm being paranoid, but it certainly makes it prohibitive for people within the US to shop online with companies overseas.
    Yet the rest of the world can still buy from US companies...
    Maybe this surcharge has nothing to do with security, maybe this is just another instance of the US trying to protect it's own financial interests at the expense of everyone else.

    so if its only us getting hit with the $9.00 fee, well that stinks. what about the other countries sending stuff to the US, they ok ?

    I found out about this charge this week, and chased it through the US system-- it is not a US fee, none of the money goes to the US, it is totally an APO end around run to get more money from the shipper-- and such a fee would be illegal under United States law. Mailing from Australia you have to deal with Australian law, not US law, but now you have more reason to contact your elected officials. They are trying to blame it on the US, it has nothing to do with the US, unless holding onto mailing records for a year and locking up shipments so other things cannot be slipped into the packages is so horrible a cost. Apparently only Australia has needed to change its postal rules, and they want you to pay for it.

    message to all posters re: AustPost security surcharge to USA.
    I just spent an hour on the phone with Austpost dept. So here's the low-down.
    This is a farce. It is NOT a charge collected on behalf of US Customs nor a charge imposed by them. It is officially an extra charge by AustPost to cover their compliance for extra security. From my conversation with AustPost complaints staff: "have to charge this for more xray machines and staff" (we are only country to do this) "AustPost have not been very profitable so they need to recoup this cost" (unofficial disclosure, wow!) "this is not an increase in postal charges, it is a surcharge" (what bullsh**, every $ handed over by a consumer is 'what it costs') "not sure how we account for revenue but if it is an Australian charge it will include GST" (if it covers xray machines etc. then it is an Australian charge yet receipt shows NO GST)
    This is a total grab for cash. Ill thought out, badly presented and intended to hide the true benefactor of the revenue (AustPost). Go for it people!! Contact Postal Ombudsman and many more.

    This is correct Sven, the money does not go the US at all. The $9 for each and every article over 450gms is going to Australia Post. They are not supplying us with a service, they are supplying the US government with a service, so they cannot charge us GST. I also spent along time on the phone with the Government Liason officer for Australia Post. I have spoken with Stephen Conroy's office, he is the minsiter in charge of Communications, and should be representing people on this charge, not getting Australia Post to phone me with rhetoric.

    In addition to my last comment, I would like to say that I think this charge has been weighted in the wrong direction. Australia Post claims that they import more mail than they export and are in the negative. It seems this charge will mean less goods going out of Australia, while people will still buy off the internet and the post they pay will stay in the country their item comes from. If there are more items coming into Australia than out, I don't see why Australia Post didn't claim a handling charge - red card fee - for large or bulky items delivered in Australia or items that had to be collected from the post office (which would incur a GST). The payment for these items would be split, and people would still be counting their savings from their Overseas purchase. Perhaps Gerry Harvey et. al, have not been completely wrong, just on the wrong boat.

    Perhaps the surcharge is not actually $9 but Aust Post has raised the bar for their piece of the grab.
    I have not spoken to or met anyone who believes the direction this country is heading is in the nations best interests. We r already taxed beyond our capabilities to pay. Even now many r considering if they can sustain themselves without electricity or phone or car,( I am) thousands of elderly who built us up r desperate for basic necessities. With the Govt selling off our heritage, frivolously throwing my money at every foreigner to my detriment and corporate grasping making billions in profits, as is evident in quarterly stock reports, there is no end in sight. Unless u vote for our succor it will not stop. How do any of expect that Lawyers, Real estate agents, accountants and salespersons, who make up 80% of our politicians will be honest and not continue to benefit themselves to our disadvantage. This country is 70% desert where is the resource to continue unlimited immigration? Who is paying? Wake up ! it's already too late for many Australians.

    "Australia Post" might as well be a new corporate brand name, because it has no interest in its Australian constituents. Profit, at any cost to the impact on the community, is would seem.
    I have taken up the issue of post office closures with every level of "Australia Post", Sen. Conroy, Malcolm Turnbull, my local member, (my local post office was Woollahra, closed along with several other post offices without any community consultation, and at short notice of a few days!)
    No one could, or wanted to intervene, explain, or question the situation.
    I have since kept "Australia Post" advised of the inconveniences and costs that have been to caused to me and, undoubtedly many others, since that closure. Again response has been automated.
    I decided to abandon that issue as it was taking up too much of my time and energy and has become a fait accompli.
    The $9 impost discussed here has also attracted my interest. Experience teaches me that attempts made through any of the above mentioned persons to question the validity of this extraordinary impost that other avenues should be explored.
    Since "Privatisation" of "Australia Post" an essential community service is no longer obliged to respect the concept of transparency promised by modern democratic governments. Everything is locked up by corporate lawyers.
    I know, a bit of a rant. Sven said it all.
    I propose that this particular $9 surcharge would not stand up to legal scrutiny.
    Meanwhile I will try the ombudsman.

    As long as Australians remain the most politically complacent people on the face of the Earth the government will continue to screw them!!!
    "No worries mate" and "She'll be right mate" isn't going to cut it any longer. Taxes,GST, Rates, Toll Fees,Outrageous Water and Electricity utility costs, excessive excise taxes on petrol...Where is it going to end??? Australia is the 53rd largest country in the world, per population...We cannot sustain a lifestyle similar to America with an ever-burdened tax-paying workforce.Wake up Australia!!!

    I live in the US and I had no idea of this surcharge, but it certainly explains a lot. I have noticed lately that a lot of eBay items that I want to bid on specifically state that they will not ship to North America (which would include Canada). Even when I contact the seller stating that I would be happy to pay whatever extra shipping charges they incur, plus a little extra for the trouble, they won't budge.

    Its bullshit and I got a package fromthe U.S today and I have to send somthing back but I dont want to pay this stupid $9 fee. I have a friend in the U.S and she Want me to send a package over to her and it may be over 500grams.

    @ Connie - irritating isn't it. Mind you I have had nothing but unhelpful responses from US ebayers when asking about shipping to Australia so I kinda like how the reverse annoys you.

    have been sending parcels to my American Penpal for over 45 years, but have had to tell her no more. At this rate it will be cheaper to go over there and see her! Let's picket Australiapost.

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