PenguSpy Is A Database Chock Full Of Games For Linux

One of the biggest drawbacks of running Linux is the lack of games made for the platform. Penguspy is a web site specifically designed to help Linux users find games that work on their system.

If you've already played through Warcraft III, The Sims 3 and all the other heavily Wine-compatible games out there, PenguSpy is a great resource for Linux gamers. Whether you're looking for arcade games, board games, MMORPGs or first person shooters, PenguSpy will have a good number of games to recommend to you. The site's very simple to navigate; you just pick a category (or search for a title) and check out the recommended games. Clicking on a game not only gives you a rating, description, and link to the homepage, but each page also has a YouTube video of the game so you can get a closer look. Hit the link to check it out, and share your own favourite Linux games with us in the comments.

PenguSpy [via The Linux Action Show]


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