November 24 Is Go Home On Time Day

Most people I know who work full-time jobs get to work early and leave late more often than not. November 24 is Go Home On Time Day, which is the ideal reason to actually finish when you're supposed to finish.

The Go Home On Time Day site will send you a reminder to go home if you sign up, and includes the facility to print your own "leave pass". Though obviously intended as a tongue-in-cheek gesture, it's a sad reflection of our addiction to overwork that we might even briefly feel we need special permission simply to work regular hours.

We're mentioning this a day early because finishing on time generally requires both commitment and planning. In an ideal world, working outside your normal hours would be the exception, not the rule. However, even one day doing that is a step towards the goal of doing it more often.

Go Home On Time Day


    Go on time day, only to work at home.

    Useless unless you can fix a-hole bosses.

    I'm hoping that you meant to say that working outside your normal hours would be the exception, not the rule.

      D'oh! Overwork in action. Fixed now.

        You could always blame it on the stresses of NaNoWriMo.

        (that's the real ploy behind Go Home on Time Day isn't it? - Get the word count up before the end of the month!)

    blue collar workers don't have this problem. at least in my case.

    why people do overtime is beyond me - its 2010 and we have less free time now than ever -

    The very same page - "The Australia Institute believes that Australians work the highest number of hours in the developed world"

    And then other sources have the cheek to say that sick days costs business 30 billion dollars.

    No wonder people take sick days, they are working themselves to death.

      Yep, Australians are very enthusiastic donors to the wealthy. They freely give their time to employers and their bodies to advertisers. It's touchingly generous, really.

      I love the way Australia (and some other countries) always love publishing they are the hardest workers when they are clearly not!

      Also love the credible (non bias) sources to most of these articles “The Australia Institute believes that Australians work the highest”, they are not quite sure but they “Believe” we do, they should be embarrassed publishing articles like that...

      Then on the same Wiki page Australia does not even feature in the top 25 hardest working countries... “Annual work hours per worker (source: OECD (2004), OECD in Figures, OECD, Paris”

      Looking at more updated OECD data (2008) Australia does feature on the top 25 but is still not even in the top 15 yet! Lagging behind countries such as Canada, Japan, New Zeland, US, Poland, Greece, South Korea...etc..etc..etc..

      Just my 2 cents worth any way... I think we should stop complaining and get some work done, I know at my work place there is a large number of staff that arrive at work on 8:30am and then are out the door at 5:00pm on the dot (although are late some days due to traffic they say)... That means they are not ready to work by start time and have already packed up and closed off for the day before the business closes which I don’t agree with and glad I don’t run a company as I would be feeling abused.

    I get accused of clock watching if I leave on time.

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