Nominate Your Favourites For Lifehacker's Best Of The Year Awards

Good products and services deserve to be acknowledged and rewarded. So Lifehacker is rounding out 2010 by asking our readers to vote for our Best Of The Year awards and identify the crucial stuff that you truly can't live without.

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We're going to give out awards in five categories, which reflect the main topics we cover here at Lifehacker:

  • Best Desktop App
  • Best Web App
  • Best Mobile App
  • Best ISP
  • Best Mobile Broadband Service

While we've got some definite ideas about contenders for each of these categories, I'm sure that there's plenty more you guys have to recommend as well. So over the next fortnight, we'll be looking for your suggestions for worthy contenders in these areas.

Put your suggestions for nominees in any or all categories (and tell us why you picked them) in the comments. We'll assemble them together over the next two weeks, then we'll pick out a top five of potential nominees and official voting for each category will begin!


    Best Desktop App = Chrome, fast, clean like a browser should be, great with Google Apps
    Best Web App = Gmail and Google Docs
    Best Mobile App = MetroView, affordable GPS for iPhone
    Best ISP = iiNet, great upgrades and iiTalk is rock solid
    Best Mobile Broadband Service = Telstra NextG, great coverage and bandwidth and now affordable!

    Best Tech = iPad, amazing has my 70+ mother on the Internet with no problem

    Best Desktop App = DropBox
    Best Web App = Gmail
    Best Mobile App = StumbleUpon
    Best ISP = TPG
    Best Mobile Broadband Service = Telstra NextG, despite the cost

    Best Desktop App: VLC Media player (plays everything)
    Best Web App: Gmail
    Best Mobile App: Air Video (plays everything - remotely)
    Best ISP: TPG (7 years, no issues and huge downloads)
    Best Mobile Broadband Service: Telstra (tethered iPhone, work pays for it, best coverage)

    Best Desktop App - Everything
    Best ISP - Internode (free data on Steam, best pings low latency profile Annex M, no drop outs)

    Best Desktop App: Chrome
    Best Web App: Niggle It
    Best Mobile App: Niggle It
    Best ISP: Internode
    Best Mobile Broadband Service: Three / Vodafone

    Desktop app: Google Chrome
    Web app: Google Reader

    Best Desktop App: winPenPack xSoftware Collection (portable applications and application launcher)
    Best Web App: Google Maps
    Best Mobile App: Calvetica (iPhone)
    Best ISP: WestNet (iiNet)
    Best Mobile Broadband Service: n/a

    Best Desktop App : Google Chrome
    Best Web App :
    Best Mobile App : N/A
    Best ISP : Telstra (reluctantly I put them here as I use them)
    Best Mobile Broadband Service : McDonalds Free WiFi

    Best Desktop App – Dropbox, took me a while to take the leap - but now I would never look back!
    Best Web App – google public data. I wrote a couple of big essays for my Masters - what an awesome way to collect and graph information quickly and easily, across many time series.

    Desktop app - CCLEANER - I just keep installing it for friends in trouble

    Best Web App - Google Maps - I never leave home without reading it. And the street view is unreal

    Best ISP: TPG for their $59.99 Unlimited plan.

    Best Desktop App - Xcode
    Best Web App - Google Docs
    Best Mobile App - Simplenote
    Best ISP - TPG
    Best Mobile Broadband Service - 3

    Best Desktop App: Pixelmator AND Skitch (and minecraft if games count)
    Best Web App: ABC iView

    Best Desktop App = Chrome
    Best Web App = Google Docs
    Best Mobile App = Google Maps Navigation
    Best ISP = TPG
    Best Mobile Broadband Service = Bigpond(Telstra)

    Best desktop app: Evernote

      Hi Jake (and others): be sure to vote in the poll - I won't be totalling comments :)

    Best Desktop App - Chrome / Dropbox
    Best Web App - Dropbox / GMail
    Best Mobile App - RunKeeper
    Best ISP - TPG
    Best Mobile Broadband Service - Telstra iPhone $49

    Best Desktop App: Chrome - It's almost always open
    Best Web App: Google Docs - For collaboration on uni projects
    Best Mobile App: Gmail for Android
    Best ISP: Don't have one.
    Best Mobile Broadband Service: Telstra (unfortunately its the only choice other than satellite)

    Best Desktop App: Notepad++, Google Chrome
    Best Web App: LinkedIn
    Best Mobile App: Tweetdeck
    Best ISP: (not)TPG. I've been using them for years and am happy to continue with their service, however.
    Best Mobile Broadband Service: Telstra's Next G. Finally offering competitive plans, and continuing to deliver reliable service when I need it (this is not a vote for their customer service, however)

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